So I have been working in the garde manger kitchen of the banquet kitchen at a 5 star 5 diamond resort and spa for the past year or so and I have learned a lot of really cool garnishing techniques, and now I would like to share a few with you. the first one is a jalapeno flower these are created by the crowning technique. Firstly the capsaicin is what makes the chili hot and what burns your eyes when you touch your eyes. so to begin dawn the rubber gloves.

  1. To start hold the pepper in your hand in the 12 to 6 orientation
  2. Then make a cut from 1 to 7
  3. 3. Then make a reverse cut to form a triangle

    4. Continue till your pepper is completely crowned

    5. Once your pepper looks like this you need to cut the membrane holding the seeds to the green “fruit” then soak in ice water for 10 15 minutes for it to bloom. You can use this technique to create other things like onions to make an onion lotus flower such as this one i made for my salmon display for our mothers day brunch feel free to check it out on my face book page here is the direct link thanks this is all for now